Blue Bridge Technologies receives second prize for the solution “Inmedicas Secure DocShare” at a ceremony of the second edition of the “Data Protection in Design Award” in the Catalan Parliament


President Nuria de Gispert presided noon ceremony of the second edition of the “Data Protection in Design Award”, awarded by the Catalan Data Protection Authority (APDC), which this year honored the application “Electronic medical records at bedside” in Hospital de Sant Pau. During the event two solutions have been awarded and received second prize - “Inmedicas Secure Docshare” from company Blue Bridge Technologies and an application “mobileID” from the city of Barcelona.

“Inmedicas Secure Docshare” was developed in collaboration with the Catalan Association of Healthcare Providers (ACES), which allows medical data to be sent securely between different health providers and medical insurance groups. An application “mobileID”- remote identification system that allows citizens to identify themselves securely using a digital identity that provides the city council itself.

In the speech the President noted the importance of data protection in today's world, “essential to ensure the values of dignity and security” and pointed out that, of the eleven candidates competed for the prize, several areas are focused on health. For the president, “health is a sensitive issue and we demand that confidentiality.” Gispert urged private companies and public authorities to “work for privacy” because “in addition to innovate and internationalize knowing” must also protect citizens' right to confidentiality of their data.

From her part, the Director of APDC, M. Angels Barbara, referred to data protection as an element to “get the confidence of the people, so that they feel confortable about how they are used and for which purpose” and added that “in the case of governments, that protection, as well as being a requirement inherent in the operation, gives legitimacy and help to improve efficiency.”

Albert Salazar, manager of the Foundation of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, was in charge of collecting the prize that distinguishes the Hospital’s commitment to the privacy of patients through application of restricted use to medical staff with an interactive screen installed at the foot of the bed, which allows access to electronic medical records constantly updated with tests done to the patient.

The award ceremony was closed by the event “Privacy as a guarantee in technological services” that has been made throughout the morning in the auditorium of the Parliament and they have spoken to the audience during the event, the director of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, Jose Luis Rodriguez, who gave the conference “data protection in modern societies”, and Vice President of the company and member of ISACA Data Protection Commissioner of Ontario (Canada), Ramses Gallego, who spoke about “The value derivative of privacy: a competitive advantage”.

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