The 7th Annual Health Excellence Conference

The Health Insurance market continues to face numerous changes and challenges that require fast and efficient adaptation and new tailor made products for the changing needs of the population.

With the newest reforms and shifts in healthcare models, the demand for quality health insurance policies grows as well as the demand for new and innovative products. Insurance companies and healthcare providers need to be innovative and able to follow the trends in order to stay ahead of the competition and to offer superior services.

The 7th Annual Health Excellence conference took place in Berlin (Germany) from 17th till 18th of September 2015. Internationally recognized keynote speakers presented the latest trends and solutions, case studies and best practices in health insurance during the conference: Ron Buchan (Chairman, Allianz Worldwide Care, Ireland), Marco Giacomelli (CEO, Generali Global Health, United Kingdom), Peter Mills (Associate Medical Director, Cigna Global Health Benefits, Belgium), Neville Koopowitz (Chief Executive Officer, VitalityHealth, UK), Andrejs Strods (CEO, Blue Bridge Technologies, Latvia) and others.

Blue Bridge Technologies has presented its vision of digital technologies on the Health Insurance market and company’s solutions - – software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for health insurers and – health benefit on-line shop for employers. “Intelligent automation is increasing efficiency of various insurance processes already today. Fully automatic processing of healthcare claims, tailoring insurance products to the needs of specific user groups, launching new products at near-zero cost are already a norm at the markets more open to the technological innovation. Still the main change is triggered by industry outsiders who are entering health insurance with solutions to meet customer expectations for personalized service and ease of use. Existing insurance players can withstand this challenge by adopting the levels of user-friendliness customary to other industries and by delivering their service through the new powerful ecosystems,” noted in his presentation Andrejs Strods.

Advanced insurers place great emphasis on prevention of insurance cases that radically changes the perception of the insurance business as it is. In order to reduce the need of treatment customers can be involved in various healthy lifestyle programs for physical activity and nutrition. Latest technologies and innovative gadgets - good assistance to maintain an active lifestyle and to connect people to a healthy future with personalized care.

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Connecting people to a healthy future

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