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Blue Bridge Technologies (USA, UK, Spain, Germany and Latvia) – company was founded in 1993. It offers technologies for the health care industry since 2007. One of the offered solutions is INMEDICAS –

Start-up technologies. No queues in medical centres

Andrejs Strods together with partners has created a system that simplifies everyday work of medical staff and improves customer experience. The service is not expensive, but is profitable, for users and for the comany.

...He has created the system that allows computerizing of relationships among patients, medical facilities and insurers, removing lots of paperwork and processing insurance payments in seconds. This product became popular among insurers, like Balva, Balta, BTA, Seesam, and medical facilities: hospitals and medicals centres, such as Veselibas centers 4.

Latvian IT innovators start to conquest the world

Insurance calculator INMEDICAS

In 2007 Andrejs Strods... together with two partners founded the company Blue Bridge Technologies to develop IT solutions. One of the company’s products – Inmedicas – data exchange between insurance companies and medical facilities in real-time, also calculates instantly the compensation of medical procedures for concrete health insurance policy and patients’ payments.

Imprimatur Capital Seed Fund invests in IT company Blue Bridge Technologies

The Imprimatur Capital Seed Fund in Latvia, with capital of EUR 3 million from the European Investment Fund’s JEREMIE programme, co-financed by EU Structural Funds, has signed an investment in SIA “Blue Bridge Technologies” an IT company with software solutions developed for the medical insurance industry.

Competed folders

Blue Bridge Technologies with its electronic health policy processing system is going to start activities in several export markets.

One of the biggest weaknesses of Latvian companies is that they do not appreciate their own efforts and ambitions, and do not extend across borders, says Blue Bridge Technologies’ director and co-founder Andrejs Strods. The problem is to prove that a company which was working only on the local market but has real competitive performance features, can also satisfy customers’ needs abroad. Blue Bridge Technologies has such a goal because export, as recognized by Andrejs Strods, is the only way to make the company’s product – a health insurance policy processing system – more cost-effective and better.

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