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Blue Bridge Technologies is an IT company focused on processing software for Public and Private Sectors of Healthcare and Health Insurance. It was established in 2007 in Latvia. Our experienced development team has been operating on the local IT market for 10+ years.

We deliver innovative and efficient IT solutions for business process modernization, service accessibility, as well as for process and document flow automation in Healthcare & Health Insurance. The core component of BBT products is a distributed, easy-to-integrate platform for automation of business processes.

Blue Bridge Technologies has subsidiary in the USA as well as representative in Spain. Main development center is located in Riga, Latvia.

Our products include


a solution for health insurance companies in Europe and in the USA. It automates routine tasks, simplifies and speeds up the calculation of insurance compensation and the billing process with health care providers. It helps to improve cooperation with health care providers’ network, as well as simplifies creation of new insurance products.

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a solution, that simplifies data protection, control and exchange in your organization. It is very easy to use and it complies with requirements of the law. Protecting patient data, you protect your organization from risks of penalties. Our solution was developed in collaboration with Catalan Association of Health Organizations (ACES).

OJMAR, N-tree solutions
www.ojmar.eu | www.n-tree.com

Blue Bridge Technologies SIA offers OJMAR (Spain) and n-TREE (Austria) solutions for Latvia, CIS countries and Russia. Electronic wristband systems of these vendors can be perfectly integrated with other software, provide safe and correct access, access control and management in health and fitness centres, swimming pools and hotels. Product range includes different types of access equipment, like card and chip readers, electronic and mechanical locks, as well as wristbands.


Publications about us

Data protection

Blue Bridge Technologies (USA, UK, Spain, Germany and Latvia) – company was founded in 1993. It offers technologies for the health care industry since 2007. One of the offered solutions is INMEDICAS – www.inmedicas.eu

Start-up technologies. No queues in medical centres

Andrejs Strods together with partners has created a system that simplifies everyday work of medical staff and improves customer experience. The service is not expensive, but is profitable, for users and for the comany.

...He has created the system that allows computerizing of relationships among patients, medical facilities and insurers, removing lots of paperwork and processing insurance payments in seconds. This product became popular among insurers, like Balva, Balta, BTA, Seesam, and medical facilities: hospitals and medicals centres, such as Veselibas centers 4.

Latvian IT innovators start to conquest the world

Insurance calculator INMEDICAS

In 2007 Andrejs Strods... together with two partners founded the company Blue Bridge Technologies to develop IT solutions. One of the company’s products – Inmedicas – data exchange between insurance companies and medical facilities in real-time, also calculates instantly the compensation of medical procedures for concrete health insurance policy and patients’ payments.

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