Andrejs Strods speaks at eHealth Week 2015 conference

Andrejs Strods, Founder and CEO of Blue Bridge Technologies, moderates and speaks at the health economics session of Ministerial Track at eHealth week 2015.

The well attended Ministerial session “The Bottom Line: Funding Models for ICT in Times of Austerity” served as a good reminder that eHealth is not the goal of itself. It is subordinate to the higher goal of improving health and providing health care to populations. And this should be the ultimate measure of the value returned by eHealth investment.

While funding healthcare and eHealth is particularly challenging in the times of austerity ministries can mobilize greater resources by focusing on supporting all industry participants, setting standards and removing barriers to cooperation between various healthcare and health IT businesses and organizations. 

Governments can achieve great results by managing competition rather than participating in it. Providing incentives to various market players can unite their individual efforts for the sake of common goal of improved healthcare available to population. This might be particularly true for Latvia with its substantial 40% share of private sector in healthcare.

Other speakers and panellists at the session:
- Clayton Hamilton, Unit Head of ehealth and Innovation at World Health Organization
- Dr.Bryan Griffiths the Commercial Programme Manager at the Academic Health Science Network  of National Health Service (UK)
- Erwin Eisinger, a senior policy advisor with Dutch Ministry of Health Welfare and Sport  (Netherlands)  

Photos from conference


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